September 13, 2023


Bishop Museum Wedding in Honolulu, Hawaii

This sweet wedding between Sharon and Rayson took place at the historical Bishop Museum in Honolulu on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The venue is also known as the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, and it had many gorgeous brown brick buildings that hold many Hawaiian artifacts.

The wedding had many pops of color! From the bright orange bird of paradise flowers, to the pink and red gingers, and even the lush green monstera leaves that were used on the wooden draped wedding arch, and the bride’s bouquet.

Sharon wore a stunning white wedding dress with pearl jewelry and a veil with pearl beads, while Rayson wore a clean navy blue suit, a dark blue tie to match, hazelnut leather shoes, and a men’s maile style ti leaf lei. Their first look was only full of smiles, especially when their family saw them and everyone became teary-eyed.

Proceeding to the ceremony, Sharon and Rayson were both walked down the aisle by their father and mother, respectively. Everyone was quiet and intently listening as the two spoke their vows. I thought the sweetest part of the ceremony was when they walked down from the arch and Rayson dipped Sharon and kissed her!

Hands down, the coolest part of this night had to the Chinese New Year style dragon dance. You can notice in the pictures that the happy couple is holding a lettuce on a line—the lion “eats” the lettuce and spits it back out at the couple, signifying wealth and prosperity. Furthermore, the dragon dance also symbolizes chasing away evil spirits and bringing good luck.

The rest of night was filled with celebration in the wedding reception. There was a live band with amazing live music, many memorable pictures with the bride and groom’s family, large Jenga games, bean bag tossing games, and a cute little bar with a personalized drink for Sharon and Rayson!

For the send off, everyone gathered in two long lines and made a human tunnel. The now husband and wife walked through and everyone celebrated their new life together!

This wedding was filled with so much fun and games. A day to remember and a true celebration. Congratulations once more to Sharon and Rayson! Thank you for letting me be part of your amazing day.

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