May 10, 2024


Cloudy Oahu Beach Family Photoshoot

One of the best locations to have a family photoshoot is definitely the beach. This time was a treat with a fun little friend present! With the recent weather, it’s been really cloudy lately. It’s the rainy season here in Hawaii! But the shoot must go on!

The Phok family wanted to have some cute family pictures done. So, we went out recently to one of these beautiful beaches here in Oahu to take these photos. The question always comes, “What should I wear to my photoshoot?” A good place to start is by asking your photographer what they recommend. They know the locations and therefore can offer a suitable color palette to abide by. When taking pictures on a beach, a nice general color palette to follow are neutrals like seen in the gallery below! The Phok family nailed their coordinating family outfits!

Some fun prompts that never get boring are holding hands together as a family, or even running from the waves. Getting some movement around like chasing each other is always fun like the kids were doing below! It doesn’t feel like a staged photoshoot but rather like you’re all just out having fun. Capturing moments when everyone’s having a genuinely good time always makes for the best pictures. On this day, we even saw a honu resting on the sands which will always be something worth remembering!

Taking pictures of these moments is important. Every moment is fleeting. Come and book a photoshoot with your local photographer now! You can get in touch with me here!

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