October 4, 2023


Fairytale Inspired Portrait Photoshoot in Honolulu, Hawaii

This portrait session with Anabelle has to be one of the most magical that I’ve ever been able to shoot. And I mean magical in a literal sense.

In Hawaii, it’s not that common that we find European-style buildings or places that resemble a classic Disney castle—so we have to get creative! We were able to hunt down this place in Honolulu, Hawaii which gave off the perfect vibes to match this photoshoot. This fairytale-inspired session happened at the Hawaii State Art Museum!

And pause. Before we get into the photoshoot, can we take a moment to appreciate Anabelle’s dress? It tied this session together so well to match the museum and she looked like a princess! So cute!

One of Anabelle’s favorite hobbies is reading! So of course, she had to bring a book along for the shoot. We start the shoot off in a lawn near this “castle,” where I had Anabelle read one of her books that she brought with her.

Then, we move further into the museum where we reach a courtyard. There’s many beautiful things that I had Anabelle pose near—a shimmering pool, statues, a colored overhand that the sun shone through, and even some stairs! Anabelle absolutely nailed this session down with her poses and twirling around in her green princess dress.

We were also able to go into the museum for a little bit and I caught some pictures of her walking near some paintings they had displayed. Does this not scream royalty to you? Museum photoshoots are absolutely unmatched.

This session was so much fun and I’m so glad I was able to capture this fairytale session with Anabelle. This was beyond magical and I’m so happy with how I was able to capture her portraits!

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