April 26, 2024


Mauka and Makai Elopement in Oahu, Hawaii

In the spirit of the wedding season being in full swing here in Hawaii, I’d like to take some time to dedicate this post to a previous elopement that I never got to write about. Here is Abigail and Francisco’s elopement here in Oahu, Hawaii!

Abigail and Francisco had the most beautiful elopement. The day started off in the mountains (mountain-side – mauka) high up where everyone attending could oversee all of Honolulu and even over to the westside. It was a small wedding with only a few attending which made it all the more sweeter. The couple had their emotional first look, then exchanged vows which made a few tears shed. Afterwards, we took some family pictures and bridal portraits, and it was off to the ceremony!

Elsewhere in town, we came to another beach (ocean-side – makai) to do the ceremony. It was intimate on the beach with Diamond Head in the background. After exchanging words and rings, the two kissed and were married! They did some more bridal portraits since it was golden hour and also took a couple more friends and family pictures.

Everything about this day was so sweet. A big wedding doesn’t have to be your wedding. Abigail and Francisco certainly made this day theirs. With so many details like the gorgeous bouquet on monstera and roses, to the satin dress and the white wedding suit, it was a wedding like no other in Hawaii.

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