January 3, 2024


Hawaii Honeymoon Couples Beach Session

There’s something so lovely about continuing the adrenaline from your wedding and celebrating your love afterwards. Weddings are awesome… the only celebration going on is a celebration of love with friends and family. But the after might hit a little hard… the party vibes are gone and you’re not really celebrating with friends and family anymore. But you have each other and I love how these two decided to continue the celebration of their love with capturing photos of themselves. Laura and CK got married earlier and wanted to have this cute honeymoon couples beach session out in Oahu, Hawaii.

We all went out north to the island and took pictures are this cute beach. Laura started off the shoot with this cute green dress that had small white prints all over. Later in the session, she changed into a white floor length dress with a small open-back design. Super cute and the white dress is such a classic photoshoot outfit look that never goes wrong! CK decided to stay with one outfit—a white button up and green shorts. His outfit matched Laura’s so they both looked so cute together!

At this session, we were able to get golden hour pictures with minimal clouds in the sky—perfect weather! The lighting was amazing and I had such a fun time getting to edit and see the final outcome of this gallery. I feel so lucky to be able to capture pictures in beautiful Hawaii.

If you’re looking to capture the happiest memories perfectly, then look no further! I’m taking inquiries for various types of sessions all across the Hawaiian islands! You can get in touch with me right here.

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