January 19, 2024


Sunrise Kahala Beach Family Session

Sunrise photoshoots can be a bit begrudging to get ready for… long commute, hair and makeup first thing in the morning, making sure you’re on time, not to mention the morning rush hour. However, the photos that come out of the experience are one of the best! I mean, take a look at Audrey’s family photos. Everyone looks so sweet and the lighting is absolutely perfect. We came out to Kahala Beach for these family pictures.

With the sun coming out on the horizon, we began shooting for the morning golden hour. Most people don’t really think about doing sunrise shoot very often since it’s so early and you might not look your best at the beginning of the day, but there’s so many perks to it! For one, the lighting is softer in the morning and not too harsh on the color. Also, there’s not as many people around… if you’re a little nervous to be having a photoshoot in front of people, then sunrise photoshoots are perfect for you! Furthermore, if you like a more golden light to your photoshoots, then sunrises would be better than sunsets. Sunsets have a more fiery, orange tone to them, whilst the morning sunrise is golden yellow! However, do which one speaks to you.

This morning shoot was full of nothing but smiles from everyone. Shooting with a newborn baby can also be fun because this is probably the baby’s first time out on the beach or being photographed! Either way, it’s a fun experience for everyone, especially me because I love seeing newborn babies be a part of the shoot!

If you’re looking for a family photographer on Oahu to work around your plans, then you can get in contact with me right here! I always book a month or few in advance, so get in touch as soon as you have ideas and a solid date down to reserve me!

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