May 3, 2024


Sunset Beach Graduation Portraits in Oahu, Hawaii

It’s that time of year—graduation season! Graduation portraits are always magical here in Hawaii. Endless ocean views and beaches at hand, Oahu senior graduation portraits are always a popular type of shoot for me to have around this season. Graduation portraits are special—they’re moments captured before fulfilling something that takes much time and effort. Most often, it’s with schooling and academics. Whether that’s graduating from high school, university, or beyond, graduation pictures are something to consider.

Maya and I came out to this beach to take her graduation pictures where the weather was perfect this day! Though a little cloudy, this did not deter the gorgeous golden hour to come (which you can see when scrolling down further). She absolutely nailed this session with everything going on.

It’s all in the details—her flower crown, the lilies, graduation robes, and the little blue cake. I thought these details were the cutest and props are truly such an underrated feature of photoshoots. When you’re going to a shoot, consider bringing something to easily elevate your pictures! Also with a graduation robe, wear something simple and not too flashy. Maya’s dress was perfect with the shoot and the robe’s colors as well.

Everything truly just worked together seamlessly to create Maya’s grad pics which I hope she enjoyed looking at as much as I enjoyed taking them!

If you’re looking for your friendly neighborhood photographer here in Oahu for graduation portraits next year or coming up, you can inquire with me here! Then, we’ll be able to discuss rates, locations, availability, and more!

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