December 20, 2023


Oahu, Hawaii Sunset Proposal

Proposals have to be one of the most fun type of sessions ever… especially surprise proposals. What’s sweeter than your partner planning a romantic memory for the both of you, and better yet, he wants it in pictures?

Recently, I had Jack come to me with a plan on his mind and a determination to propose to Maddy. Jack’s location ended up being this beach where they had the strip (mostly) to themselves and a cloudy fiery sunset in the background. Hiding and being undercover as the photographer is always such an “espionage-type” feeling; so much excitement! When the right moment approached, memories were captured and Maddy said “yes!”

This moment was the most adorable and sweetest ever. Hugs and kisses were exchanged, and everyone came out to congratulate the two; close friends and family were hiding so as to not spoil the surprise of it all. The exact moment Jack proposed, the sunset was golden and bright behind them and made for some gorgeous shots to look back on (pun not intended). You can really tell how much Jack has thought out this proposal and loves Maddy, especially at the way he looks at her in these pictures.

We were able to take a few more pictures of the newly engaged couple. Sooooo many cute moments like when Jack is lifting and spinning Maddy in the air… young love is the most romantic!

Surprise proposals are the sweetest. If you’re looking to pop the special question and need someone to capture the moment, you can get in contact with me right here!

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