December 8, 2023


West Oahu Sunset Couples Session

What’s more perfect than clear skies and a happy couple who are more than ready to take pictures together? Lauren and Logan came together to have the most fun couples session on a beach somewhere along the west Oahu coast.

We got to the beach a little before the sun set, giving us time to get some pictures with amazing lighting. Luckily, this spot we scoped was fairly empty and we had the place to snap some amazing shots! We began on the trail to the beach amidst the brush with the west Oahu mountains in the background. Then, as the sun set further, we finally scooted our way over to the sand.

The best thing about this session was that Lauren and Logan weren’t afraid to have fun! The couple was super playful with each other and not shy, which always makes for such a fun photoshoot and great pictures to look back on. Logan was giving Lauren piggy back rides, hugging her from behind, and chasing her around the beach… truly such a fun shoot.

Another thing to consider when going to a beach photoshoot… don’t be afraid to get your clothes dirty or wet and get in the waves! Playing around in the water is what made for some amazing sunset shots when the sun was auburn the waves were coming in. The water won’t bite! Have some fun—water on clothes disappears, but your memories on film and in pictures won’t leave as easily.

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