February 2, 2024


Foster Botanical Garden Wedding in Honolulu, Hawaii

Love is truly in the air this winter as Maddy and Jack tied the knot in late 2023 just before the new year. This must be an exciting time for the two young lovers as it wasn’t long ago when they also got engaged! Celebrating each other, they decided to do a small gathering of very close friends and family. The two decided to have their wedding at the Foster Botanical Garden which is in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Maddy arrived in a limo where she was already in her gorgeous white wedding gown that has a bit of a trail. She also had a bouquet of perfect white wedding roses. The two did their first look alone which was beyond cute! Jack was waiting in his triple black wedding suit and had a rose boutonniere to match Maddy’s bouquet.

Foster Botanical Garden is a gorgeous place to take pictures at and also be married! Being immersed in nature in the middle of the city has the most relaxing feel to it. Like a haven away from the chaos. Maddy and Jack were posing all over the place, from within the greenhouse, to the middle of pathways, and even near a great wall of plants!

The ceremony was cute as the couple could not take their eyes off each other. Considering their engagement was not too long ago and now they’re getting married, I can’t imagine how much love and warmth they feel for each other. What an exciting time in their lives! Along with the cheers of celebration from close friends and family, I would also like to once more congratulate Maddy and Jack—the cutest newly weds!

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